Corset Care Instructions

Corset Care

There are several methods of taking care of your corset. The most important one rule is DO NOT put your corset in the washing machine or dryer, it could potentially bend or distort the steel bones.
Follow the steps below for safely taking care of your corset.

To clean your corset:

Before using anything on your corset, we recommend testing whatever you will be using on a small inconspicuous area first to be certain it doesn’t discolor the fabric.

  • The fabric of the exterior of the corset will determine the method you use for cleaning.
  • If you have a leather corset, please see “Leather Care” for instructions on how to clean leather.
  • The best method is to spot clean using a damp washcloth on the interior of the corset.
  • You may use a small amount of gentle laundry detergent mixed with warm water. Rub gently. Spot rinse with a small amount of water on a clean rag.
  • If you have been in a smoke filled room, or if your corset has an odor, let the corset air dry overnight. Then, if you can still smell it, you may try spraying the inside with Febreze.  We recommend testing a small area first to make certain it does not discolor the corset before spraying the entire inside.
  • Another method of cleaning and removing odors is using vodka. Yes, you read that correctly. Mix a 1:1 ratio of vodka and water in a spritz bottle. Holding the bottle 6” away from the corset, mist the interior and allow it to air dry. We do not recommend this method for the exterior. 
  • Most importantly, never put your corset in the washing machine or the dryer, it could potentially bend the steel bones.
  • Dry Cleaning: You can take your corset to a dry cleaner if you wish to do so. However, many dry cleaners do not know how to handle corsets. Make sure that the dry cleaner has experience with corsets.
  • After you clean your corset, you should lay it flat with the inside facing up to dry it out or hang it on the back of a chair. If you put it away while it is damp, it could start to smell and it can cause the boning to rust.

To store your corset:

Keep it in a cool dry place. We recommend laying it flat in a drawer or hanging it on a pants hanger where the lacing strings are over the bottom hanger rod.  Make sure the bones are not being bent or distorted in any way.

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