Corset Lacing 101



  1. Loosen the strings in the back of the corset 4”-6” wide.
  2. Wrap the corset around your waist making sure the laces are in the back.
  3. When fastening the busk, start at the bottom. Once you are able to hook the bottom loop onto the post, the rest will align and fasten together.
  4. Reach your hands behind you and pull the two loops that are at your waistline on both sides of the corset. You will want to straighten out the modesty panel and continue to do so until the corset is tightened completely.
  5. You will notice that the laces make X’s. There are X’s on the outside of the corset and X’s on the inside of the
    corset. You will only be working with the external X’s.
  6. Pull on the very top external X and work your way to the middle. Once you get to the loops, you are going to pull out the slack through either the top or bottom loop.
  7. Pull on the very bottom external X and work your way up to the middle, pulling the slack out of the loop once you get there.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you get the corset as tight as you desire.
  9. After your corset is tightened, you can tie your strings in a bow as if you were tying your shoes. You may tuck the strings into the corset if you wish.
  10. ALWAYS loosen the corset before you take it off.


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