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Eurotique now offers our Satin Zipper Cincher and new collection and styles that you can purchase for a reasonable cost.  Eurotique goal with this new collection is to offer style’s that you can purchase for a reasonable cost for a corset that fits perfectly and provides you a fantastic figure. We pride ourselves and strive for the highest quality of the garments, and a high standard of customer care and the speed of delivery. All corsets are made in our factory, and (unlike most modern garments you purchase, where parts are made by different machinists, and sewn together at the end), each corset is made from start to finish by one highly skilled corsetieres.
Please check our corset sizing and measurement table on the right column for fit measurements - bust, waist, hips, bra size and height –then decide which style will best fit your body shape. All corsets are not made the same. How and where do you want to wear your corset? Our decorated ones are ideal for bedroom wear and dressing up but if you want to put a corset under clothes, choose a plain style which will not show through as much.
When you want to wear stockings with your corset, you will need garters, we try to insure that you can detach or attach the garters. When selecting the best size for you means real, un-corset measurements, in inches, not the measurements you would like to have when wearing a corset, this is important. This requires you to get the correct measures around the fullest part of your bust/chest, then the narrowest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hips. You should provide us your bra cup size.
Our under bust corset is a good choice if you prefer to wear a normal bra, but still want the pulled in waist effect. Under bust corsets also look great worn outside clothes.

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