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Eurotique Leather Underbust with a front busk for easy in and out access, where you will find the stylish simplicity of this design a perfect fit. With a slight V-shaped top and bottom, the Waist Cincher Corset goes well with any outfit or for any occasion. It may be worn over clothes or with a simple leather bra. The Eurotique Cincher Corsets are available numerous colors or combinations of leather, satin, silk, lace or velvet. Contact a one of our sales associate at one of our retail store in West Palm Beach, FL 1-561-684-2302.
Eurotique where to shop on line and our retail stores offer a complete line of Leather, Silk, Satin, Velvet and Lace Corset’s from the top designers and our own private label brand which has been designed and made for women who want the luxury of wearing a corset and want the smart, sexy look with an affordable price point. We are sure you will find a price range to fit your budget and needs. We have in Stock numerous styles of corsets from all the top designers, if you don’t see what you want be sure to call our retail associate for the colors we have available, and for any special needs you may have.
Our Corsets are made with real Steel Boning and Busk like they did in the 1600's. Corsets are a lifetime investment that you will cherish forever. Eurotique corsets are made with the finest Leather, Lamb Leather, Silk, Satin, Velvet or Rubber Fabrics that you will not find elsewhere. Having owned, designed, and manufactured corsets for years, we know how to fit and design corsets.

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